Story Behind the Song: "You Through Me"  

Some of my songs come to me at odd times, when I'm doing things that you wouldn't think would inspire a song. 

The chorus for the song "You Through Me" came while I was making my bed one weekday morning. 

As I was tucking the sheets neatly away, I started singing, "May I love them like You love them...Let the whole world see You through me".  

I pieced together the rest of the song at my day job as a teacher and later at home in front of my piano.  It became the first song on my album, Make Something

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Story behind the Song: "I Am the Lord's" 

My grandma sat in her chair in the living room, looking so different from the brave, joyful, and spirited woman I have known her to be all my life. 

The woman in the chair was tired, ragged, and weak. 

She had just returned from the hospital with a diagnosis of Stage IV cancer all over her body.  I was visiting from out of town for what I figured would be my last time with her.  It was. 

When I heard she was in the hospital the week before, I sent my dad the digital file of my song, "I Am the Lord's".  I…

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Make Something Happen - More than a Mantra  

Welcome to the first official blog post of Kristin King Music. 

Even though I'm not a mountain climber, I have an idea of how one feels standing at the bottom of a very tall mountain I'm getting ready to scale. I have no idea what danger awaits me. But all I care about is the beauty I'll behold as I'm making my way to the summit. 

“Life is about the journey, not the destination.” We've all heard a quote like that. This music project I'm about to release has been one wild ride that has taught me much. And…

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