About Kristin

Kristin King has been penning songs and melodies since she was 8.  She has always had a deep passion for soulful, Christian music and couldn’t be more proud to share her debut EP Make Something Happen with the world.  What started out as a simple mantra turned into a 5-song project bursting with inspirational lyrics and melodies that will easily get stuck in your head and hopefully your heart.

Make Something Happen, produced by Creative Soul Records, plays like a prayer, beginning with the kicking track “You Through Me” where King beseeches God to give her the ability to love and serve people as he does.  Next is a moving, haunting melody loosely based on 2 Samuel 22 titled “I Am the Lord’s”.  Then comes the title track “Make Something Happen”, which encourages us to pursue our biggest dreams amidst our greatest fears.  “You Have Not Forgotten Me” is sure to become a well-loved ballad and reminder that God is still working all things for the good of them that love him.  The EP concludes with a simple, yet powerful worship tune imploring God for “More of You”.

One of the lines from the title track says “Fear will always try to tell you you’re not old enough, young enough, or brave enough; but if you will only listen to the passion inside, your true self cannot hide”.  Make Something Happen is a glimpse into King’s true self, and she hopes it will inspire those who hear it to “dare to live their wildest dreams”.  She is living one of hers with the release of this project.