Make Something Happen - More than a Mantra

Welcome to the first official blog post of Kristin King Music. 

Even though I'm not a mountain climber, I have an idea of how one feels standing at the bottom of a very tall mountain I'm getting ready to scale. I have no idea what danger awaits me. But all I care about is the beauty I'll behold as I'm making my way to the summit. 

“Life is about the journey, not the destination.” We've all heard a quote like that. This music project I'm about to release has been one wild ride that has taught me much. And it's not over yet. 

It started with a simple melody that found its way into my subconscious mind one sleepy weekday morning: 

“Make Something Happen.” 

I couldn't get the phrase out of my head and I realized it was a call to action. My personal call to action. You see, I've been playing a waiting game with my music career for about a decade. Sad, but true. I've gained a lot of great experience during that time, but have always pushed my biggest aspirations to the side because something wasn't right or I didn't think I had the right resources to get going. 

“Make Something Happen” came along and blew all of my excuses out the window. I realized that if I wanted any level of success with my music, I had to make it happen. The same with the other areas of my life. Better marriage? Make it happen. Tighter reign on finances? Make it happen. 

So as the song began to string itself together like beads on a necklace, I realized I couldn't exactly sing the song and give it justice if I didn't also address the areas in my life that it convicted. 

The phrase “Make Something Happen” became more than a personal mantra to me in 2015. It became a guiding principle that made me take full responsibility of making my life awesome. 

And it inspired the music project I'm about to release to the world very soon. 

Stay tuned…and while you're at it, why not make something happen in your own life. Only you know what that something is. 

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