When Creativity is Lacking

Hi All!

Can you believe we're already knee-deep into the third month of the year?  I'm sure having trouble believing it.  This month of March seems to be in a hurry.  I think part of the issue is that I am in a hurry- a hurry to get to spring here in beautiful KY where we've experienced quite a bit of winter in the past few months.  The snow is beautiful, but I am ALWAYS COLD.

Anyway, I digress.  Today, I wanted to write a short post on three things to do when you feel less than creative.  

You see, to be honest, this is the exact head space I'm finding myself in these days.  In case you didn't know, I have an infant girl.  I could list a bunch of other things going on in my life as well, but those of you who have ever raised a newborn don't need me to go on because you get how stinking busy a new baby can keep a parent.  (Case in point: I'm currently banging these keys as fast as my fingers will fly while my C-girl naps.  Sometimes her naps are hours; sometimes they're minutes.  I'm typing like today's nap will end any time.)

All of that to say, my creativity seems to be far, far away these days.  I'd love to tell you I've been working on new music, but I can't seem to get past one stubborn Chorus of a song that doesn't seem to want to develop beyond that.  I should have three new songs under my belt by this point in the year, and yet I can't finish the first one.  Sigh.  

For much of this year, I've been having a meltdown that my creative side is not in its finest form.  But, one day recently, I decided to slow down the not-so-nice thoughts in my head and think rationally about my apparent lack of creativity.  And I came up with 3 things to do when creativity is lacking.  

Just in case you might be dealing with a similar dip in creativity, I'll share them with you:

1. Give myself permission to just be. Breathe and realize this is a season!  Seasons change all the time.  I've gone through seasons like this before when I thought I would never have another creative idea or write another song.  And then one day, out of the blue, an idea came knocking and suddenly I was back in the game. But for now, it's ok NOT to create and just give myself extra space to inhale...and exhale.  

2. Consume (and enjoy) other people's creativity. So I may not be producing anything myself, but I can intentionally choose this time to consume other's creative projects. Currently, I'm enjoying reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic, which I can practically feel stoking the fires of my imagination.  I'm also listening to podcasts I find interesting and listening to new music and learning some new to me classical pieces on piano.  

3. Consult with the Ultimate Creator.  I often forget that God has set the standard for creativity, being that He created the heavens and the earth and all.  If I think He doesn't care about my creativity, I'm wrong.  Of course He wants me to be creative!  Perhaps He's just waiting on me to spend some time basking in His Presence and asking for His inspiration to seep into my heart.  I've never asked God for help and He refused. And often His answers are creative in their own form.  What a wonderful God we serve who cares about all of our problems, big and small!  

Hopefully you'll catch me back on the creative bandwagon again soon, but in the meantime, I'll be doing one of these three things above, all the while relishing this precious and fleeting time with my baby girl while she's still so little. 

What do you do when you're feeling a lack of creativity?  I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!