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Back in the Saddle (And it Feels Good!) 

I'm writing this post after a long, but rewarding day. 

My youngest child is currently crying at my feet, trying her hardest to keep me from doing anything productive. 

But I wanted to take a minute a write this quick post to tell you about what I did today.  It's something I haven't done in several years. Definitely not since the pandemic began. 

Today, I was a guest worship leader at a local church in KY. 

I used to do this all the time years ago. It's a passion of mine to help other ministries when…

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I'm Still Here! (Merry Christmas 2022) 

Hey Friends!

Yes, it's me, Kristin.  I am still HERE. Although I seemingly dropped off the face of the earth when it came to this music site, I'm still creating music.  The music is in me and will be all my life.  I simply have to let it out.  

Where to start? So much has happened in the past two years.  To summarize:

  • 2020 looked to be a banner year for my music and my teaching career.  One week before I was scheduled to take my choir groups to competition at Disney World, COVID shut the entire world…
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When Creativity is Lacking 

Hi All!

Can you believe we're already knee-deep into the third month of the year?  I'm sure having trouble believing it.  This month of March seems to be in a hurry.  I think part of the issue is that I am in a hurry- a hurry to get to spring here in beautiful KY where we've experienced quite a bit of winter in the past few months.  The snow is beautiful, but I am ALWAYS COLD.

Anyway, I digress.  Today, I wanted to write a short post on three things to do when you feel less than creative.  

You see, to…

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Goals and Promises 

This is a challenging post for me to write-- in a  good way. It is the first time I can think of where I’m sharing my business goals publicly for all the world to see. It reminds me of that common dream of being on a stage and realizing you’re naked in front of the audience. Come on, I know you’ve had that dream too! Don’t even deny it.  

After looking back over 2017 and realizing how much I’d missed the mark on some of my goals, I decided 2018 has to be different. My life and family need these goals to…

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Two Years Ago 

I was scrolling social media this morning and this picture popped up as a time hop from two years ago:

Seeing this image brought back such good memories of what I was doing roughly two years ago: recording the vocals for my album, Make Something Happen.  2015 was such an exciting year because of that project.  I had dreamed of recording an original album for as long as I can remember, and God finally opened the doors for it to happen that year.  I ended up making 4 trips to Nashville that year alone just…

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Missing My Voice 

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.  Serve the Lord with gladness: come before His Presence with singing." -Psalm 100:1-2 

Lately, I have really been missing my voice.  I don't mean that in some philosophical, hypothetical way.  I mean, that in the three weeks that I've lived in KY, I have not had my normal singing voice.  And I miss it. 

As soon as I arrived here, I started to feel sick.  I know many people experience allergies here in the Ohio Valley, but I think for me, the sickness…

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Future K King Products (I Need Your Help) 

If you're reading this post, I hope that you are no stranger to Kristin King Music at this point.  (If you are new around here, welcome!  I hope to get to know you and I hope you'll take the time to look around and stay awhile!)  

Many of you reading this are probably familiar with me and what I do.  My company that I formed two years ago has the following mission statement (which I don't think I've ever shared publicly!):

"K L J Creative and Kristin King Music exist to produce high quality products and

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For Such a Time 

If someone asked me to choose a favorite heroine from the Bible, I would probably say Esther.  If you're not familiar with her story, I encourage you to read it.  She's got her very own book in the Old Testament, sandwiched between Nehemiah and Job.  In a nutshell, the book is all about the story of how Esther embraces her destiny by becoming a queen (pretty cool destiny!), and simultaneously, has the boldness to save her entire nation from destruction.  It's an EPIC story, an Old Testament fairytale…Read more

How Can I Serve You? 

Hi friends!

I'll be brief because I've got a really cool post coming your way soon that tells my story of how I landed in this crazy thing we call "ministry".  

As I told you before, I am so excited for 2017!  Because of planning and execution of that planning, I know this is going to be a banner year for Kristin King Music.  

Here's where you come in.  I am excited to announce that I am now booking ministry engagements for 2017!  

Last year, I was able to help churches around the country with their music…Read more

Looking Back, Looking Forward 

2016 was quite the year for me.  I didn't realize it until I was reading through my journal of the past year, and that's when it hit me that a lot has happened in the past 365 days. 

The most major thing that happened at the beginning of the year was the release of my first album, Make Something Happen (if you want to check it out, click here).  When I released this project, which I'm still very proud of by the way, I had no idea how to market it.  So even though it was mildly successful by word of mouth…

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My Holiday Gift Guide! 

Happy Small Business Saturday!  

I am overjoyed to bring you this special post, which is my official HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE.  There's lots of gift ideas in here and pics to go along so stick with me!  I hope you'll find at least one idea for someone on your shopping list--and it's ok if that someone ends up being you!  Treat yo'self!  It's ok, I won't tell.

Let's start with some pairings.  These are items paired with my products that I think you are going to love.  You can find these items pretty much anywhere…Read more

How to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses! 

Are you surviving Black Friday?  Are you out there in the trenches, I mean the mall, scoring all the deals you can after a day of spending time with your family?  Or are you like me and staying warm and cozy at home in your sweatpants after a day of too much eating?  (Guilty as charged!)

It's amazing to me that, here we are, almost at the end of another year!

2016 has been a year of firsts for me. In January, I released my first album, Make Something Happen, which includes 5 of my newest original contemporary…Read more

The Naked Author 

Have you ever had that dream where you walk proudly into work or school or church, only to look down and realize you're completely NAKED?

You wake up, drenched in sweat, before you peek under the covers and realize you are actually clothed.  Phew, it was just a dream!

I think this is a pretty common dream for people to have.  I know I've had it a time or two, but it usually has me on a stage performing somewhere.

Yesterday, after much fanfare and shameless plugs (yeah, I know you saw them!), my newest book…Read more

Read a Chapter from My New Book FREE 

Hello and Happy Wednesday to you!

As I wrote in an earlier email, this day feels a bit like Christmas Eve to me.  That's because my new novel, Sandals for Christmas, will release in ebook format tomorrow on Amazon!  I couldn't be more excited for everyone to read this story and to meet Charlotte Anderson, the main character.

Here's the really cool thing.  I'd like to get the news out to as many people as possible that this book is available.  So, I've decided to release the first chapter of the book…Read more

Sandals for Christmas is Almost Here! 

Good morning!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Monday morning!

I hope the kids got off to school peaceably, beautifully dressed, and without incident.

I hope all of your laundry is clean and put away, and your kitchen is sparkling and shiny, no dirty dishes in sight.

I hope you're enjoying a cup of delicious hot coffee, leisurely reading a book or magazine as you contemplate your beautiful life.

Ok...enough of that!

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Sandals for Christmas Book Cover Reveal! 

Guys, we are getting so close to the release of my new Christmas novella!

In fact, the release date for the eBook is set for Thursday, November 17th!  Less than a week away!  The paperback will also be available very soon.

Today, I am beyond thrilled to reveal the gorgeous cover for this book.

If this doesn't make you want to celebrate Christmas at the beach (or at least read about it), I don't know what will!

Please, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Announcing...Sandals for Christmas 

Yesterday, I did something kind of mean.  I put a teaser on all of my social media sites as well as this blog.

In case you missed it, it looks like this:

I know it made many people curious, and that was the intent.  But today, I'm going to reveal all the answers to your burning questions!

I am incredibly proud to announce that this Holiday season, my first novel will be released.
Sandals for Christmas, a novella by Kristin King There are probably millions of different Christmas novels available for you to… Read more

New Book Teaser 

Because I just couldn't resist...

I'm getting so excited for the upcoming release of my newest book, my first novella, Sandals for Christmas!

Stay tuned!  More to come.

New Book Update!! 

Happy Friday Friends!

I am going to try to keep this post brief, mainly because I'm sure you have much to do during your weekend besides read my blog, and also because I'm so tired.  

This week has kicked my tail.  I don't know what about it was so hard.  Maybe it was cleaning up after the hurricane, which left my home and property untouched (Praise the Lord!), or maybe it was the slew of places I had to be this week.  I figured out last night that I've done four different things to earn money this week: I've…Read more

A Decade of God's Faithfulness 

I wasn't planning on writing this post until I realized that exactly 10 years ago, I moved to Florida.  Wow, a decade.  It's a little heady to think about.  Let me give you some background:

In the fall of 2006, I had just graduated with my Bachelor of Music.  Most people would have told me that degree was a waste of time and money, but I enjoyed every moment of earning it.  And I had an amazing family who supported my dream of becoming a professional musician, whatever that looked like.

I was currently living…Read more

Blessings Inside (A Guide to My Products) 

Hi there!  If you haven't known much about me or if you just stumbled upon my website on accident (please stay!), you probably only know that I'm some chick who likes to sing and write.  And while that would be totally true, people who get to know me are often surprised to know that I've released several products that I'm really excited about.  So, I wanted to write a post detailing those offerings so that the person who doesn't know that much about me can get a snapshot at the products and services I…Read more

[Free Song]+ How to Make Something Happen! 

Hey guys!  Happy Thursday!

I hope you are enjoying your week.  

I have a favor to ask.  You see, I am building my email list because it has proven to be the best way around to connect to my friends, family, and fans and keep you updated on what is happening with Kristin King Music as well as give you lots of FREE content and goodies.

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Updates from Kristin King Music 

Hi Everyone!  I wanted to spend a blog post giving you some updates on Kristin King Music

Looking back over the past 7 months, it's crazy to watch the evolution of this journey of stepping into my music dream.  Next week, all of the teachers in my county go back to work.  Normally, that would be me.  But this year it's not!  It was one of the hardest conversations I've had when I told my principal I would not be returning in the fall.  He was so gracious and even told me he was excited to watch my story and…Read more

Life of a Creative 

People always seem surprised when they find out for the first time that I have self-published two books and have also released an album.  All of these things have happened very quickly in the past three years.  People who know me usually cock their heads before asking the question, "Where do you find the time?"  And I always answer with, "I work on my creative projects while my son naps."  That really is the truth.  I guess that means I get another year or so of working on my creative projects before my son…Read more